Friday, February 21, 2014

SIPR warns spoilers against disrupting the federal state building process in Baidoa

MINNESOTA, 20 February 2014— The Somali Institute for Peace Research (SIPR) has today issued a press release warning the active and deliberate derailment of the Baidoa federal state building process.

In the press release, SIPR Founding Executive Director, Sakawdin Mohamed, writes “spoilers must not disrupt Somalia’s federal state building process and its peaceful democratic ways of establishing regional administrations in order to combat terror and lawless or the return of warlords in the Southwest regions.”

Over the past 25 years, the people of South-west Somalia have suffered through a devastating atrocities, famine, terrorism and massive land-grabbing which have forced millions to flee their homes, and innocent men, women and children in Southwest Somalia suffer continuing attacks, illegal check points, extra judicial killings and acts of terror many of which are launched by Al-shabaab terrorists and by uniformed militias hired by the Somali Federal Government whom are all taking advantage and feed on the constant lawless, lack of local regional administrations as well as the deliberate leadership vacuum that exists in Southwest Somalia .  While promising grassroots, locally owned federal state building process and consensus-building talks for the formation of Southwest Federal State is currently underway in Baidoa, one individual player threatens to derail the entire process for personal gains.

Regional experts declare that the Baidoa federal state building process is Southwest's best hope for a peaceful and stable future for Somalia and the entire Horn of Africa region.  It is therefore the duty of the Somalia stakeholders to forcefully speak out together to ensure its success.

“Evidence, eye witness reports and delegations on the ground confirm that there no two opposing conferences or meetings going on, but there are few paid-agents who are organizing a staged showoff.  These spoiler elements have long benefitted the continued chaos, and were numerous times cited in UN Monitoring Groups reports to the Security Council.  These spoiler networks have the intention to derail the one-year old Baidoa process. The elders started this conference a year ago with the constitutional mandate and support agreement from Somali President, who later withdrew his support just to side with warlords and for tribal motives.” Said Mr. Mohamed, who added that the spoilers were “trying to derail, dilute, obstruct, and even forcefully harm” the integrity of this grassroots federal state building process through intimidation, bribery, and influence-peddling.

SIPR, however, emphasized that any interference in the democratic locally owned and constitutional based federal state building process in these recently liberated areas of Somalia should not be tolerated and should be sanctioned by the UN’s highest body.

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